Alaskan Way

Project Status

Alaskan way timeline


Waterfront Seattle will rebuild Alaskan Way from S King to Pike streets, and build a new street, known as Elliott Way, from Pike to Bell streets. The new surface street will span a total of 17 blocks from Pioneer Square to Belltown, with two lanes of traffic in either direction for the majority of the street.

The southern section will include dedicated lanes for transit in and out of downtown, as well as lanes for ferry queuing onto Colman Dock. Intersections and sidewalks have been carefully designed to support pedestrian accessibility. The new park promenade and two-way bike path will run along the west side of Alaskan Way.

The project will also rebuild Seneca Street between Western Ave and Alaskan Way as well with new parking, landscaping and lighting. As of February 2020, the project has completed construction to rebuild Columbia Street between 1st Ave and Alaskan Way, which is open to traffic with improved sidewalks and dedicated transit lanes. 

  • Connections to park spaces, restaurants, stores and neighborhoods
  • Raised street crossings and widened sidewalks for pedestrians
  • More than 500 new street trees, extensive ground covers and green stormwater infrastructure to manage stormwater runoff on-site
  • Extensive pedestrian lighting in addition to roadway lighting