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Between S King and Columbia streets:

  • Daytime work 7 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday north of Yesler Way; follow posted signs and signals for safe access through construction zones.
  • Northbound and southbound bus lane closures and narrowed sidewalks on Alaskan Way S while King County Metro installs new bus stop shelters on Alaskan Way near S Jackson St starting Friday, September 23 and continuing into next week; see other area projects below for more information.
  • Private development construction continues at S Jackson and S Washington streets; see other area projects below for more information.

Other Area Projects:

  • Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)’s South Access – Surface Street Connections Project is underway: Starting Monday, September 26, work will shift the northbound two lanes of Alaskan Way S onto S Dearborn and S King streets for a work zone in the center. In this configuration, the northbound left turn from Alaskan Way into the Port of Seattle facility will remain closed. A new right-in, right-out driveway entrance will open on Alaskan Way S to access the 505 building garage. Additionally, 1st Ave S will have one lane southbound and two lanes northbound at S Charles St. Visit the project website for details or contact the project at
  • Construction of The Jack at S Jackson St between 1st Ave S and Alaskan Way S continues: Standard work hours 7 AM to 6 PM. Eastbound vehicle access on S Jackson St remains closed, westbound access maintained. Pedestrian detour on S Jackson St. Alaskan Way S sidewalk along east side is partially closed. If you have any questions, contact Michael Orme.
  • King County Metro bus stop shelter installation: Starting Friday, September 23, King County Metro will begin installation of new bus stop shelters on Alaskan Way at S Jackson and Columbia streets. Expect northbound and southbound bus lane closures, along with pedestrian detours through Wednesday, October 5.
  • Washington Park construction continues: Project includes substantial alteration of the existing 3-story building located at 68 S Washington St with a new 1-story penthouse addition. Parking lane and sidewalk on north side of S Washington St are closed. Parking lane along Alaskan Way S in front of building is restricted. If you have any questions, contact Dylan Currie.

Construction Photos


Alaskan Way Construction

Waterfront Seattle is building a new Alaskan Way in the footprint of the former viaduct. Our work zones will span from S King to Bell Streets. Activities include mobilizing equipment, potholing work, breaking pavement, sxcavation for utility installation, striping, paving, installing streetlights and signals and landscaping.