Pier 58 (Waterfront Park)

Project status

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About the project

Pier 58, currently known at Waterfront Park, will be redesigned to create a larger public park and improve access, safety and flexibility to the pier, while offering expansive views of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains. The new pier park is designed especially with families and young children in mind, with a new public plaza and water feature, a new children’s playground and a large lawn and trees to provide shade.


The Fitzgerald Fountain, a 1974 cast and welded bronze sculpture by James Fitzgerald, Margaret Tompkins and Terry Copple, will remain at Pier 58 but will be restored and integrated with the new park.

A new permanent installation called In the Spirit of Sealth, by local artist and Puyallup tribe member Shaun Peterson, will also greet visitors on the promenade near Pier 58.