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About the Project

Pier 58, currently known as Waterfront Park, will be redesigned to create a public park and improve access and safety, while offering expansive views of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains. The new pier is designed especially with families and young children in mind, with a public plaza for programming by Friends of the Waterfront, a marine-themed children’s playground and a large lawn and trees to provide shade and spaces to relax and play.

The pier is also designed to improve the marine habitat. It allows more natural light to access the water through the opening in the pier and thanks to light-penetrating surfaces, which helps aquatic plants to grow and provide food for fish.


An exciting addition to the new Pier 58 design is the playground. Thanks for helping us unleash the jellyfish! We received hundreds of responses and the final design incorporates enthusiasm for a sculpturesque playground that is entertaining to all ages, is visually striking, and accessible to different mobility needs.

There will be varied play elements, including an 18-foot jellyfish-inspired climbing structure and slide with rolling tentacles, a multitude of other climbing and swinging features, and tall kelp-like poles completing the underwater theme. The playground design also invites learning about local marine life. Seating will be available on the edges and throughout the area so parents and guardians can relax and watch their kids play safely.

Pier Removal

We have completed the removal of Pier 58. Pier removal began in September 2020 in response to deterioration of the pier structure. We moved quickly to close the park to the public and move forward with pier removal using emergency contracting protocols. Pier removal was completed in February 2021. Adjacent work to reinstall safe pedestrian access was completed in April 2021. See photos of pier removal in our Pier 58 Flickr photo album


Artist Qwalsius-Shaun Peterson of the Puyallup Tribe, will create three welcome figures, collectively titled Family, that will form a grouping on the park promenade near Pier 58. Visit the art page to learn more.

Nearby, the existing Waterfront Fountain, a 1974 cast and welded bronze sculpture by James Fitzgerald, Margaret Tompkins and Terry Copple, will remain at Pier 58 but will be restored and integrated with the new park.


Project Fact Sheet

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Video about the pier design (available with español, 简体中文 and Soomaali captions). July 2021

60% Design Feedback Summary

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Phase 2 Playground Feedback Summary

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