Bell Street

Project Status



One of Waterfront Seattle's goals is to create more accessible and comfortable east-west connections for all modes along the Alaskan Way/Elliott Way corridor, including to Belltown, the downtown core and Pioneer Square. As part of the Bell Street Improvements project, we have an opportunity to expand public space and add new landscaping and other amenities.

The goal of the Bell Street Improvements project is to improve connections from Belltown to the waterfront specifically from 1st Ave to Elliott Ave. Elliott Way provides a brand-new connection between Belltown and the waterfront and ties into Bell St at Elliott and Western avenues, including new protected bike lanes and sidewalks.

The final design, based on community feedback (see below for full feedback summaries), includes the removal of a travel lane on Bell St, the creation of a two-way protected bike lane, widened sidewalks and pedestrian amenities. The reduction of a travel lane and existing curb bulbs at intersections will help calm traffic flow on Bell St. A bicycle traffic light will be added to the Bell St and Western Ave intersection. 

In addition to the improvements listed above, we will be incorporating the salvaged historic sign bridge that formerly stood on the Alaskan Way viaduct. It will span over Bell St, east of the Bell St and Western Ave intersection. We heard from members of the community that the sign bridge could serve as a gateway to Belltown; the sign bridge is planned to have lighting to welcome people into the neighborhood.

Bell St, between 1st Ave and Elliott Ave, will become a one-way single lane road, eastbound between Elliott and Western avenues, and westbound between Western and 1st avenues (see map in slider above). This is due to a reconfiguration of the street grid to accommodate the new Elliott Way, which is a two-way road that connects into the one-way Western Ave and one-way Elliott Ave. An important note is that there is a new signalized intersection at Western Ave and Bell St for northbound traffic coming from the new Elliott Way. There are also stop signs located at the Western Ave intersection for vehicles traveling on Bell St. 

We anticipate finalizing the design for this project by the end of the year and to begin construction mid to late 2024.

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