• Resolution 31264
    • Creates Central Waterfront Committee (CWC), establishes a Charter for the Committee’s work, and adopts the Central Waterfront Project Guiding Principles:
      • Create a waterfront for all
      • Put the shoreline and innovative, sustainable design at the forefront
      • Reconnect the city to its waterfront
      • Embrace and celebrate Seattle’s past, present and future
      • Improve access and mobility
      • Create a bold vision that is adaptable over time
  • Ordinance 125089
    • Authorization of a Memorandum of Agreement between City of Seattle and Friends of Waterfront Seattle regarding funding for the Pier 62/63 Phase 1 Rebuild.
    • Friends of Waterfront Seattle commit to raise $8M in philanthropic funding for the P62/63 Phase 1 Rebuild and
    • Seattle Park District financial plan to re-allocate $4.35 million for this project and $625,000 to operations and maintenance of this project in 2019-2020
  • Resolution 31768
    • Affirmation of the overall funding plan for the Central Waterfront Improvements and the principles that will guide implementation of the outlined process for the formation of a Local Improvement District and fundraising plan for philanthropy.
    • Identifies the framework for an agreement with Friends of Waterfront Seattle to operate and manage public spaces on the Central Waterfront
  • Ordinance 125761
    • Funding, operations, and management for Central Waterfront Improvements
    • Identifies philanthropic fundraising and commitments
    • Executes two year pilot agreement between the City and Friends and
    • Creates the Central Waterfront Oversight Committee




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