The Waterfront Seattle Program will be delivered over time and in phases. You can also view our detailed construction timeline.


The charts below illustrate the approved budget and funding sources for Waterfront Seattle, as approved by the Mayor and Seattle City Council. For more information on the Waterfront Local Improvement District (LID), please visit our LID webpage.

The proposed 2021 budget released by the Mayor in early October does not reduce the budget for the Waterfront Seattle program. The reduction shown in the 2021 Proposed Budget for next year represents the move of some funding from 2021 to 2022/2023, to be more consistent with the current project schedule. The project is still anticipated to be completed by 2024.

A pie chart that illustrates the budget for the different projects of Waterfront Seattle and related project. The top left side of the pie chart starts with Seattle Aquarium expansion ($34M). The top right side is the LID Administration ($8M). Underneath the aquarium expansion is Pike Place MarketFront ($34M). Underneath the LID is Alaskan Way Pedestrian Promenade ($370M). The last two slices of the pie chart are for Piers Rehabilitation ($111M) and Overlook Walk and East/West Connections ($199M). The total budget comes out to $756M.
Next to the budget pie chart is a funding pie chart that breakdown where the money for the Waterfront Seattle program is coming from. The top left chunk of the pie chart is coming from philanthropy ($110M). The top right side is from the Local Improvement District (LID) which is for an estimated $160M. The bottom halves of the pie chart are from city funding ($268M) and state funding ($218M). The total funding for the project comes out to $756M.