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Between Columbia and Pine streets:

  • Daytime work 7 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday; follow posted signs and signals for safe access through construction zones.
  • Pedestrian realignment on east side multi-use path between Madison and Pike streets.
  • Lane closure on Western Ave between Spring and Seneca streets; two-way traffic will be maintained.
  • Union St between Alaskan Way and Western Ave is partially open for pedestrians and vehicles for business access only. Access from Union St to Alaskan Way is rerouted north through a one-way access road connecting to northbound Alaskan Way near Pike St.
  • The Union St staircase between Alaskan Way and Western Ave remains closed with pedestrian access maintained via University St and Pike Street Hillclimb.
  • Aquarium Ocean Pavilion construction continues. See other area projects below for more information.

Other Area Projects: 

  • Colman Dock Multimodal Terminal continues: More information can be found on the Washington State Department of Transportation’s website.

Construction Photos


Alaskan Way Construction

The work zone on Alaskan Way has expanded to Pike Street. Similar to construction underway between S King and Marion streets, intersecting east/west streets will remain open and pedestrian access will be maintained. Businesses with mid-block vehicle driveways will be provided a route adjacent to the work zone. Activities include mobilizing equipment, locating utilities, surveying, delivering materials, breaking pavement for excavation and utility installation and striping and paving. 

Pier 58

Pier removal was completed in February 2021. The rebuild is anticipated to begin in 2022 and take approximately two years to complete. 

Union St Pedestrian Bridge and Elevator

Construction of a new pedestrian bridge, stair and elevator between Western Ave and Alaskan Way began on March 17, 2021. The existing staircase at Union St connecting Western Ave with Alaskan Way will be closed until the project is complete. Pedestrians will be able to access Alaskan Way from University St or the Pike St Hill Climb. The Union St Pedestrian Bridge project will build a new connection with an elevated walkway, elevator and staircase; and make improvements to the Western Ave intersection. This new connection to the waterfront will provide significant accessibility improvements and is planned to open in late 2022.

View our construction flyer to learn more.