Construction to rebuild Pier 62 began in December 2017. The rebuilt public park will be one of the first elements of the new waterfront open to the public. 

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About the project

The rebuild of Pier 62 will enhance the public space, provide water access and help support the marine environment.

In-water construction is complex. Here's how we'll rebuild Pier 62.

We will:

  • Replace the 884 aging wood piles with 175 steel piles, which improves the structural safety of the pier and the marine habitat below
  • Replace the old timber deck with a textured concrete deck
  • Install a new railing
  • Build a floating dock for public use
  • Add utilities to support events
  • Embed solar-powered LED lighting in the deck
  • Add light-penetrating grating and a shallow water habitat to support a healthy marine environment
  • Reduce overwater coverage by 1,800 square feet, which increases sunlight to the water below

A Flexible Public Space

The rebuilt Pier 62 will be a flexible space with broad views of Elliott Bay, the Olympics and the Seattle skyline. It will be a place to stroll, enjoy views, play and once again host events like the “Summer Nights at the Pier” concerts. The pier will even include a floating dock for access to the water. The project is made possible in part thanks to a successful partnership with non-profit Friends of Waterfront Seattle, which raised funds to support the rebuild and will lead future activation once the Pier is complete. 


When Seattle’s waterfront was developed, Elliott Bay lost many of the habitat features associated with its native intertidal habitat, including sloping beaches, crevices and vegetated hiding places for fish.

In order to improve the ecosystem and restore the salmon migration corridor, the Seawall Project has installed in-water features that improve habitat for juvenile salmon, as well as habitat-friendly sidewalks with glass blocks that let light pass through to the water below. The Pier 62 rebuild will add to these habitat benefits. As a part of the rebuild, we will add light-penetrating grating near the shore and reduce the overwater coverage by 1,800 square feet to allow more light to reach the water below. The project will significantly reduce the number of piles supporting the pier, which improves the habitat underneath the pier. Lastly, we will build a shallow-water bench just south of the pier to help support marine plant life.

Public Art

The rebuild will include a public art commission from acclaimed artist Stephen Vitiello. Stephen’s piece, “Land Buoy Bells” shown below will be installed on the floating dock. When rain or waves hit the bells, they will ring softly.

Learn more about Stephen Vitiello and his artistic process on our Arts page.

New Floating Dock 

A new floating dock will be added on the southern edge of Pier 62. This new access to Elliott Bay will provide short-stay moorage for small boats and a launch point for cultural events such as the Salmon Homecoming or a small floating farmers market showcasing local goods.

The future floating dock and rebuilt Pier 62.

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