About the project

Overlook Walk is a public pathway connecting the waterfront to Pike Place Market and Seattle's urban core. It will span from the Market's new MarketFront expansion over the rebuilt Alaskan Way below, providing elevated views of Elliott Bay and the city skyline, a safe and accessible connection to the water, and new public spaces to relax and enjoy.

The design of Overlook Walk continues to evolve, building on years of community input. The latest design incorporates feedback received at the July 2017 open house and provides better integration at the western edge with our partners at the Seattle Aquarium. The Aquarium’s planned Ocean Pavilion project will demonstrate how ocean health is central to health of the planet. We are working closely with the Aquarium as they design this new exhibition, education and event space on the south side of Overlook Walk.

Project area

Project timeline


Overlook Walk is at the center of improvements from Pier 62 up to Pike Place Market and east to Seattle’s urban core. The future public walkway enhances the existing web of connections through and near the Market and is complemented by the Seattle Aquarium’s new Ocean Pavilion. The Overlook Walk is designed for all ages and abilities, with gradual slopes, new elevators and places to linger along the walk.

Terraced plazas provide space to sit, gather and play

New connections from Pike Place Market to the waterfront include an accessible elevator

A bridge over the new Alaskan Way lets pedestrians travel from Pike Place Market to the waterfront without ever having to cross a street

Elevated views looking west to Elliott Bay let visitors enjoy the natural beauty of the Puget Sound