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Waterfront Seattle will improve key east-west streets to strengthen connections between downtown and the waterfront. Each of these east-west streets has a unique character, connecting different neighborhoods and opening them up to the new waterfront.

Pioneer Square: Working with community partner Alliance for Pioneer Square, we will design and construction improvements on portions of Main, Washington and King streets and Yesler Way between Alaskan Way and 2nd Avenue S, to prioritize pedestrians, improve sidewalks and increase greenery on these east-west streets.

Union Street: We will construct a new staircase, elevator and elevated walkway on Union St connecting Western Avenue and Alaskan Way. The new connection will be accessible, comfortable and welcoming. The work will also feature public art from local artist Norie Sato.

Bell Street: We will extend the Bell Street Park from 1st Avenue, where it ends today, to Elliott Avenue, expanding public space and adding new landscaping and lighting.

Visit our online open house to view the recommended concept design and project features for Pioneer Square!


Norie Sato was chosen to collaborate with the project design team to create an original artwork on the rebuilt east-west Union Street between First Avenue and Alaskan Way. This piece is not the artist’s first installation in this area: in 1991, Sato created a temporary artwork on the waterfront that marked the location of her arrival to this country by ship. Watch Sato talk about her personal connection to the Seattle waterfront and discuss the varied influences for her work.


Pioneer Square project fact sheet