The new seawall extends about 25 feet behind the vertical face at the water’s edge, and in order to install the new seawall and its massive support structure, a large pit needed to be excavated along the waterfront.

Before excavation can begin, the pavement is cut with a large saw and the sidewalk is removed.

Then the riprap – large rocks that armored the old seawall against tidal influences – is removed. A custom clamshell bucket is used in the narrow area between the piers and existing seawall to pull the riprap out.

As the pit is excavated, a shoring wall is incrementally installed on the east side of the construction zone. The shoring wall supports the haul road used for transporting materials and supplies during construction – a project lifeline.

The pit is excavated to the old seawall’s timber relieving platform, about 15 feet deep. Once excavation is complete, jet grout installation can start, which forms the foundation for the new seawall. 

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