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As part of the Waterfront Seattle Program, the City of Seattle will rebuild Pier 62/63 in partnership with Friends of Waterfront Seattle.

The rebuilt pier will be a place to stroll, enjoy views, play and once again host events like the “Summer Nights at the Pier” concerts. It also adds a major new feature – a floating dock for access to the water.

The City will rebuild the southern half of the pier (Pier 62) and retain the northern half (Pier 63) in place. This will include replacing the aging wood pilings and deck, retaining the existing size and shape of the piers. The rebuild will also provide new railings, lighting, utilities and a floating dock. The southern half will be constructed at the same time as the seawall replacement adjacent to Pier 62/63. 

The City is moving ahead with design and permitting. The preliminary budget for design and construction of the southern half of the pier is $29M. Friends of Waterfront Seattle have committed to raise $8M of the total project cost. Construction is expected to begin in fall 2017 and be completed by 2019.

Pier 62/63 Rebuild Plan

The area of Pier 62/63 outlined in pink will be rebuilt in Phase 1. The northern half of the pier will be retained as it is.
The area of Pier 62/63 outlined in pink will be rebuilt in Phase 1. The northern half of the pier will continue to be open for public use as part of the park.

A Flexible Public Space

The rebuilt Pier 62/63 will be a flexible space with broad views of Elliott Bay, the Olympics and the Seattle skyline. It will be a place for strolling and viewing, recreation and cultural events, including concerts. The rebuild will include public art commissions from acclaimed artists Ann Hamilton and Stephen Vitiello.

New Floating Dock

A new floating dock will be added on the southern edge of Pier 62/63. This new access to Elliott Bay will provide short-stay moorage for small boats and a launch point for cultural events such as the Salmon Homecoming or a small floating farmers market showcasing local goods.

The rebuilt pier will include a new floating dock for access to Elliott Bay.


When Seattle’s waterfront was developed, Elliott Bay lost many of the habitat features associated with its native intertidal habitat, including sloping beaches, crevices and vegetated hiding places for fish.

In order to improve the ecosystem and restore the salmon migration corridor, the Seawall Project has installed in-water features that improve habitat for juvenile salmon, as well as habitat-friendly sidewalks with glass blocks that let light pass through to the water below.

To further support the habitat with natural light, the rebuilt Pier 62/63 will include a section of grating along the nearshore to increase the amount of light to the water below.

Learn More

The Office of the Waterfront, together with Friends of Waterfront Seattle, held a public open house on the Pier 62/63 Phase 1 Rebuild:

Thursday, June 23, 2016, 5 - 7 PM 
Waterfront Space, 1400 Western Avenue

For questions, contact info@waterfrontseattle.org or (206) 499-8040.

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