About the projects

The Waterfront Seattle Program will transform Seattle’s central waterfront, capitalizing on the opportunity created by the removal of the Alaskan Way Viaduct and the replacement of the Elliott Bay Seawall.

The program spans the waterfront from Pioneer Square to Belltown. It includes the rebuilt Elliott Bay Seawall, twenty acres of new and improved public space, improved connections between center city neighborhoods and Elliott Bay, critical utility infrastructure, and new Alaskan Way and Elliott Way surface streets to serve all modes of travel.

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Design Commission presentations

Regular updates to the Seattle Design Commission are a great way to view current design progress. Check out the most recent presentations below.

Foundational design plans

These foundational design and planning documents were shaped by years of design work and community involvement and remain the touchstone for the waterfront design.

Concept Design - July 2012

The Concept Design was released in July 2012 and developed design concepts for the initial core project area of Waterfront Seattle. It strives to create a dynamic and lively public realm at the water's edge, build an intelligent and efficient transportation corridor to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct, establish dynamic and robust ecologies along the water's edge, develop a lively program of activities and uses, and promote smart and suitable economic development in and around the central waterfront.

Framework Plan – July 2012

The Framework Plan was released in July 2012 and established a vision for the future of Seattle's Central waterfront.

Strategic Plan – July 2012

Design Summary – July 2012

The Design Summary was released in July 2012 and provides a description and plan for each major design aspect of the project.