Construction of components of the Waterfront Seattle Program began in late 2017 and will continue through 2024. Many contracting opportunities are available as a part of this work. This page will be updated regularly with upcoming contracting opportunities and events. All solicitations will be posted on the City of Seattle's eBid Exchange website.

Upcoming contracting opportunities

If you have questions about the prospective projects, please contact the staff person identified.

Project nameEngineer's estimateLocationProject manager / contactEstimated advertisement date
Overlook Walk
[General Contractor/Construction Manager]
$50M Downtown Jessica Murphy
(206) 684-0178

General Contractor/Construction Manager selection in process

Alaskan Way Main Corridor and Utility Work $165 – 185M  Downtown Barbara Lee
(206) 615-1696
Open for bids. Deadline: February 27, 2019
Union St Pedestrian Connection $5 – 10M Downtown Barbara Lee
(206) 615-1696
Q3 2019
Pike and Pine Streetscape Improvements $10 – 15M Downtown Steve Pearce
(206) 684-8371
Q2 2020
Waterfront Park
[Joint project between Office of the Waterfront and Seattle Parks]
$35 – 45M Downtown Kit Loo
(206) 684-3669
Q1 2021
Pioneer Square Street Improvements $8 – 10M Downtown Steve Pearce
(206) 684-8371
Q1 2021
Bell Street Park Extension $1.5 – 2M Downtown Angela Brady
(206) 684-3115

This information is neither a guarantee of contracting opportunities, nor a promise of business and is subject to change. If you have any questions on the prospective projects, please contact the staff person identified for the project. Advertisement dates subject to change pending completion dates of new SR-99 tunnel and ongoing construction sequencing evaluation and assumptions for all projects. Unless otherwise noted, all projects use standard Design-Bid-Build delivery method.

Women- and Minority-owned Business Enterprises (WMBE) engagement

The Office of the Waterfront is committed to continuing to maximize WMBE involvement across the spectrum on the Waterfront Seattle Program. To support this commitment, we have set a voluntary overall subconsultant WMBE inclusion goal of 17.5% for 2018. For more information about City resources and policies for WMBEs, please visit the SDOT WMBE Program webpage or contact the Viviana Garza, the Manager of SDOT's Office of Equity and Economic Inclusion, at