• 3/6/2014

    Here’s a snapshot of construction activities occurring over the next week:

    • Groundwater sampling over the next several weeks in various locations on the waterfront. Each sampling point will be located on the west side of the old Alaskan Way roadway, adjacent to the sidewalk. Work will involve a single drill rig truck parked for a few hours at each location. Intermittent parking restrictions are expected to complete this work. 
    • Field investigation work, such as potholing, sawcutting and trenching, during day and nighttime hours near Seneca Street to verify utility locations. 
    • Nighttime utility relocation work (10 pm - 8 am) near Waterfront Park as CenturyLink connects the temporary utility poles installed last summer.
    • Utility relocation work and sheet pile installation in the vicinity of the Colman Dock driveway. Intermittent traffic impacts and detours to access the driveway will be in place, as necessary. Vehicle and pedestrian access to Colman Dock will remain open.  
    • Electrical work associated with traffic signals at Columbia Street and Yesler Way. Traffic will be routed around a work truck and work will be restricted to off-peak hours. 
    • Continued maintenance of in-water containment systems to reduce turbidity (cloudy or hazy water) during in-water work both south of Yesler Way and adjacent to Waterfront Park. The in-water work has been approved to continue through early March.
    • Occasional transport of equipment between Waterfront Park and Yesler Way.

    What you can expect: 

    • Intermittent traffic impacts and detours at Yesler Way for utility relocation and sheet pile installation at the Colman Dock driveway. Starting as early as Friday, March 14, access to Colman Dock for all vehicles will be via the ferry queuing lanes at Spring Street. The left turn at Yesler Way from northbound Alaskan Way will be closed through the summer. 
    • Temporary parking restrictions between Pike and Pine streets along the westernmost sidewalk, just north of the Seattle Aquarium, to accommodate groundwater sampling work. Temporary traffic restrictions between Spring Street and Yesler Way may also occur due to this work. Traffic will be restored within ferry queuing lanes by 2 pm each day. Pedestrian access on the western sidewalk, adjacent to the piers, will remain open.
    • Pedestrian detours and temporary parking restrictions near Columbia Street and Yesler Way to accommodate traffic signal work.
    • Intermittent parking restrictions and pedestrian detours in the vicinity of Seneca Street for field investigations. 
    • Overnight parking restrictions south of Waterfront Park (north of University Street) due to CenturyLink utility relocation work. Parking spaces will be open during the day.
    • Increased noise and vibration due to pile installation and potholing. 
    • The multi-use path on the west side of the viaduct will be open, with detours around intersection work as needed.
    • Trucks and oversized vehicles moving equipment and materials.
    • Construction is scheduled to occur during the daytime, Monday through Sunday, with occasional nighttime work. 

    For questions about Seawall construction, send us an email at seawall@waterfrontseattle.org or call our 24-hour hotline at 206.618.8584.

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