Black and white headshot of artist Derek Bruno.Black and white headshot of artist Gage Hamilton.

Derek Bruno and Gage Hamilton are a team of design artists for the Pike Pine Streetscape and Bicycle Improvements

Concept design for fences and walls along the Pine and Pike street corridors.
Concept design for surface treatments along the Pine and Pike street corridors. | Click to enlarge

"We have a shared desire to affect positive change in the way we interact with the built environment; specifically, reimagining public spaces with the value of an art-driven vision to strengthen community"

Artist Statement

Derek Bruno and Gage Hamilton, will work with the project team to develop artwork that will unify Pike and Pine streets, creating a legible path from Capitol Hill through the downtown retail core to Pike Place Market and to the waterfront. The artists will work to create a unifying identity for these streets and sited artwork by activating key locations along the route.