• 3/9/2017

    What you can expect between Lenora and Pike streets (in front of Pier 62/63) next week: 

    • Jet grout prep work, including potholing and jet grout plant installation. 
    • Sound wall panels for the jet grout plant are planned to be installed this week.  
    • Jet grout work is expected to begin. A vactor truck will be used as part of this work. Increased noise can be expected.
    • Major construction work will occur six days a week. The noisiest work will stop each day by 10 PM and resume at 7 AM on weekdays and 9 AM on weekends. 

    What you can expect between Pine and Union streets (in front of the Seattle Aquarium) next week: 

    • Finishing touches will continue.

    Construction work expected between Union Street and Yesler Way: 

    • Final work to replace glass and concrete sidewalk pavers is starting near Madison Street and will continue into next week. 
    • Please follow the signed directions to safely access your destination.

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