• 1/9/2014

    • Placement of fencing around work areas near Waterfront Park and south of Colman Dock (see map below).
    • Placement of on-street parking spaces west of the viaduct between University and Spring streets, and north of Pike Street.
    • Mobilization of new equipment, including cranes, into the work area.
    • Installation of in-water containment systems to reduce turbidity (cloudy or hazy water) during work.
    • Removal of a portion of sidewalk and rip rap (rocks located along the existing seawall) at Waterfront Park to install sheet and concrete piles.
    • Ongoing soil sample tests within the work area south of Colman Dock and near Waterfront Park. This work will involve drilling deep into the ground and is planned to last for two days in each location. The drilling equipment will be loud and noticeable over other normal construction activity when in operation (drilling concluded by 6 pm each day).
    • Activities related to moving the Colman Dock driveway northward to allow room to build the new seawall south of Colman Dock.
    • Preparation of the pergola for removal during construction to a location for restoration.
    • Continued paving of the pedestrian pathway along the viaduct. Paving work is weather dependent.
    • Ongoing electrical work associated with traffic signals underneath the viaduct.

    What you can expect:

    • Construction hours are Monday through Saturday, both day and night. The noisiest work will stop each day by 10 pm and resume at 8 am.
    • No work is planned on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 20, 2014.
    • The multi-use path on the west side of the viaduct will be open, with detours around intersection work as necessary.
    • Increased noise and vibration due to soil sample drilling.
    • Trucks and oversized vehicles moving equipment and materials.
    • Flaggers at various locations within the work zone to manage construction traffic and public access through the construction area.

    Adding on-street parking spaces
    On-street parking spaces will be available by the weekend! On-street parking will be created along the waterfront, west of the viaduct, between University and Spring streets, as well as north of Pike Street. Additional parking locations and information can also be found at downtownseattleparking.com.

    Loading zones will also be marked along the waterfront and access will be provided to those making deliveries onto the historic piers.

Seawall Construction

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